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This is where sadness breathes...
I'm purple because my blog says so. sup, I'm storm, I'm of age, and I live some place dark. I'm nothing close to simple. my mind works like something similar to Shakespeare on LSD. I reblog things that catch my eye in unique ways, so it often looks like a bunch of cluttered randomness. common interests: pot, piercings, anxiety, psychedelics, pills, depression, tattoos, yummy foods, realism, surrealism, and often a time some really down right offensive shit.

if you also use the faces >;x or :> I will make you my perma-bffl. forewarned. kbai.

It isn’t easy to score everyday. The life of a teenage junkie is wild.
Touch me without using your hands.
- Six Word Story   (via elauxe)

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Posted 30 Sep

Still, why do I feel so responsible
for the wailing from shattered houses,
for birth defects and unjust wars,
and the soft, unbearable sadness
filtering down from distant stars?
- Margaret Atwood, “Dutiful,” from The Door (via lifeinpoetry)

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Posted 30 Sep

so kitten and i entered our cat into this contest. the reward is like $750 USD. and we’re broke. so vote for Socks? :3

halps us from now til Oct 21st please <3 we love u forever and bake you cookies.

Posted 30 Sep


me: *cries*
me: *takes bong rip*

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Posted 19 Sep